Air Conditioning Service Benbrook TX

Air Conditioning Service Benbrook TX

You have probably owned air conditioners for years without understanding the basic principals behind it. The compressor of your AC unit is at the center of it and modern products will have various digital features. When any part of your air conditioner goes wrong, you need to find a company that specializes in air conditioning service in Benbrook TX.

How can I use an air conditioner correctly?

The key to using your air conditioner efficiently is to leave it off when you don’t really use it. The most power consuming thing in your household is likely your air conditioner, so every hour saved counts.

For example, if it isn’t so hot at night, then there is no reason to leave it on overnight. There should also be a timer mode so that it will automatically turn off while you are sleeping. Leave it off while you are working or when it feels just a fan would suffice.

If you have a window-mounted unit, it is critical that you seal off any air leaks around the windows or room. When the cool air escapes, your AC unit will have to work harder to reach the set temperature.

It is also important to regularly clean and service your unit. When there is a bunch of dust clogging the filter, it will be very inefficient at cooling your room.

Which gas is used in AC?

Gas refrigerants are what make your AC compressor work. The most commonly used gas within its coils is R-22 Freon. Of course, alternatives are being produced since it is considered an environmental concern.

It may be soon that R-410A will be the industry standard as it’s made without chlorine. It is friendlier to the ozone while being just as efficient to cool the coils of your AC unit. It is also better at dehumidification and it runs quieter.

Is it safe to leave an air conditioner on all night?

While it is recommended to leave your AC off while sleeping, it is perfectly fine to have it on all night. If you live in a hot, humid area, it is even recommended to have your AC working so that you can sleep normally.

One common fear is that it will dry out your body and nose if it’s directly on you. It is true to a certain extent as it may leave you with a sore throat or irritated eyes. Instead of avoiding your AC completely, keep your face away from the direct air current while you are sleeping.

Another problem that it could cause is that it sprays allergens or dust all over your room. If you have asthma or severe allergies, you need to either keep the filter super clean or just avoid using it at night. Be sure to keep your allergy medicine on hand if you believe it is a reasonable cause for concern.


Now that you understand your AC a little bit better, you should be having it installed and using it. If you are looking for air conditioning service in Benbrook TX, give us a call and our expert team will sort you out.

Air Conditioning Service Benbrook TX
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