Heating And Cooling Near Me

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Heating And Cooling Near Me

Heating and cooling services are vital parts of modern home ownership. Mid-west weather is unforgivable and extreme conditions continue to become more commonplace. With snow, ice, hail, downpours, and heat all being a part of life in the Northland, Pence Heating & Cooling is busy offering decades of experience to keep our clients comfortable when they are searching for “heating and cooling near me.”

Heating and Cooling Near Me

Kansas City is a place of extremes. The average temperature in January dips below forty degrees. Average summer temperatures exceed ninety degrees. Our humidity is particularly high. In fact, the city ranks as one of the more humid in the United States with a rating nearly double that of Las Vegas. Humidity allows viruses, bacteria, and mold to thrive.

It is important to find a reliable air conditioning and heating service near you. Pence Heating & Cooling offers extensive year-round service to keep your home comfortable. We offer easy installation for your heating and cooling systems. Founded in 1947, our experts understand almost all equipment new and old.

What services do I need to perform every year?

Your cooling and heating solutions do not end at your air condition or heating units. Vents, ducts, electronics, and units work together to regulate temperature. The air in your home is two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Crawl spaces and attics collect dust. Dogs release dander that does not blow away in the wind. Anything trapped in your home has a difficult time escaping.

The filter on your unit does not capture every pollutant. It can only work on the particles passing through this part of the system. Professional duct cleaning should be performed at least once every year. Your units should be checked annually as well, just before a period of heightened usage. Air conditioning units are primarily serviced in the Spring with heaters attended to in the Fall.

Where can I find heating and cooling services near me in northern Kansas City?

Pence Heating & Cooling is a full-service company. We offer duct cleaning, repair, installation, and air quality inspections in northern Kansas City, Gladstone, Parkville, and Liberty. Our professionals understand every component of heating and cooling systems. From the quality in your home to humidity and thermostats, we have you covered.

Our service contracts provide peace of mind at an incredible value. We maintain a full-service machine shop to produce parts quickly in an emergency or repair situation. Preventative maintenance allows us to provide you a more comfortable indoor environment while helping reduce your utility bills.

Air duct cleaning keeps your vents from turning into cesspools of bacteria and grime. With most homes trapping less than 10 percent of particulate matter, the service keeps you healthy and your system running longer as well.

If you are wondering, “Where can I find a heating and cooling near me?” Pence Heating & Cooling operates in Kansas City, north of the river, to Platte City. Our experts are standing by for your regular maintenance or emergency calls. Contact us today to set up an installation or service appointment!

Heating And Cooling Near Me
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