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Who do you call when you need an emergency air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL? When time is of the essence, locals call Gary Munson Heating & A/C Services. We know that the comfort level of your home or business is essential in Florida, with an average of 8 months out of the year requiring cooling. For this reason, we offer 24/7 air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL and its surrounds to keep you cool all summer long.

40 Years of Experience

We’re not your typical A/C repair techs- at Gary Munson Heating & A/C Services, we’re comfort specialists, committed to providing reliable service when you need an experienced technician in your home or business. Repairs come in all sizes and shapes, ranging from simple component replacements to complex system overhauls. You can count on us to restore a comfortable temperature with the least amount of interruption. We work on all A/C systems, so you won’t have to call around to find a knowledgeable technician.

We’ll Make the Repair If At All Possible

Not all A/C systems can be repaired- in some cases, A/Cs are too old or are no longer operating efficiently. If it’s possible to restore your system to efficient function, we’ll do so; however, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace an outdated or inefficient A/C- and when that time comes, we’ll be there to provide professional advice and recommendations. We’re also highly experienced in new system installations for residential and commercial applications.

Honest Troubleshooting

We’ll arrive ready to diagnose the problem and let you know what we find. If it makes sense to repair your A/C, we’ll discuss the costs involved and options for a replacement if you decide it’s not worth the cost to fix your A/C. Our repair techs arrive ready to go to work, with a fully-equipped vehicle stocked with the parts, components, and tools needed to do the job right the first time.

System Maintenance

The best way to prevent a breakdown is to join our Munson Club. As a member, you’ll pay one low annual maintenance fee for a package of benefits that includes two home system inspections each year that you’re a member. We’ll come out and inspect your entire system, checking for problematic issues that could cause a breakdown in the future. We’ll also clean your A/C to ensure seamless operation throughout the year. See a complete list of perks you’ll enjoy as a Munson Club member by clicking on ‘Become a MVP’.

Call Us Day or Night

We can dispatch a tech for an emergency air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL any time of the day or night that you need our services. If your cooling system goes out in the middle of the night, we’ll be there, ready to restore efficient performance. One call does it all- keep our emergency hotline number in a convenient location, just in case.

Air Conditioning Repair Orlando Fl
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