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A working heater is a must during the cool winter season. The skilled team at Slocum Heating and Air can repair or replace your unit. While routine maintenance will keep your home heating running properly, when the time comes for a heating repair in Weatherford, TX, our team will offer trustworthy services at affordable rates.

If you’ve noticed your home’s heater hasn’t been running properly, contact our team for the necessary heating services. The most common warning signs include:

Odor: It’s common to experience a burning smell when you first turn the system on for the season. However, if the odor remains, you could be dealing with a broken electrical or mechanical part. Damaged parts usually smell like plastic or rubber burning.

Noise: Have unusual noises inspected immediately. Your problem may just be a loose part, but continued use of the system could worsen the problem. Clanging and banging sounds should be inspected to avoid premature heating replacement.

Uneven Heat Distribution: If some rooms in your home are much cooler than others, even when the heating system is running, your system isn’t heating efficiently. Make sure all your ducts are open and vents are clean. If that doesn’t remedy the problem, seasonal heating maintenance can help.

High Energy Bill: One of the first warning signs that your home heating system isn’t working properly is an unexpected increase in your utility bill. Depending on the heating system’s age, it may not be able to keep up with the demand from your home. Compare your energy bills to the same time last year to judge how much your bill is increasing.

When it comes to heating installation and repair, Slocum Heating and Air. Family-owned and operated, we have been serving the local area and beyond for over 20 years. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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