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Few things are as frustrating as an AC that goes out when you need it the most. When things get hot and even your air conditioning unit can’t handle it, don’t fret. You can count on Slocum Heating and Air Conditioning for quality maintenance repairs and AC replacement in Weatherford, TX.

Here are a few essential maintenance tips that can help keep your AC unit in tip-top shape:

Change your Filter Regularly

Changing your filter is your first defense in preventing a breakdown or unscheduled AC repair procedure. By changing your filter regularly, you can extend the life of the AC and be sure it is working at its best. We recommend changing your filter every three months. Make a schedule and keep up with it. If you need any support, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

AC maintenance is vital in keeping your AC working smoothly and efficiently. Scheduling regular maintenance can help identify potential problems before they become an issue.

The best way to do this is by having a reputable company do a walk-through of your home and ensure everything is running smoothly. We recommend having such checkups twice a year.

Check the Air Ducts and Coils

Every component of your air conditioning needs to be properly checked to ensure the system performs at peak efficiency. Check for any ducts that are rusted or broken. If there is any sign of damage, contact a technician for AC services immediately to prevent further damage.

Proper Installation

Starting on the right foot is crucial. Proper is a critical part of keeping your AC in tip-top shape. Properly installing your AC will save you huge sums of money in electrical bills.

Additionally, it will prolong your AC’s useful life by keeping it ventilated.

By following the tips above, your AC should be in tip-top shape for many years. For quality AC installation, maintenance, and repair services, turn to Slocum Heating and Air Conditioning. We provide the services that help keep you comfortable indoors all year long.

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