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At Slocum Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer heating repair in Weatherford, TX that helps you save money and stay comfy. Our team of licensed technicians can ensure your home’s heating is always up to par.

The best investment you can make in your home’s heating system is maintenance service. At least once a year, you should call in a professional to inspect your entire system and make any adjustments or repairs. This can help improve your system’s efficiency.

What Does Maintenance for Furnace Involve?

Our heating services include comprehensive maintenance that checks your entire system and offers on-demand tune-ups to optimize its performance.

Services we may perform include:

  • Full furnace inspection
  • Cleaning and testing the blower motor
  • Checking all major parts for wear and tear and making replacements
  • Cleaning vents and air intake grilles
  • Ensuring there is no rust
  • Examining belts for any signs of damage or wear and tear

We’ll run through our furnace maintenance checklist to make sure your system is ready for cold weather. If we notice anything that requires a more extensive repair or even heating replacement, we’ll provide an estimate and let you know how we can help.

When to Replace Your Heater

Sometimes, maintenance reaches the point where it cannot prolong the lifespan of an old furnace. Our heating installation service will find the perfect type of heater for your home and see that it’s fitted perfectly. We’ll also remove your old heater, so you have nothing to worry about.

The average home needs a new heater every 15 years. However, some properties may benefit from a new heater after 10 years.

Do contact us today to schedule your next heating maintenance service. Our technicians will make sure that you get the most affordable, reliable solution for your needs.

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