Whole House Fan Installation

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Whole House Fan Installation

The summer heat can be hard to beat using an HVAC system alone because it is only one system trying to cool an entire house by itself. You can add traditional fans as a way of circulating the air, but you might need an extra hand in boosting the amount of cool air that is thoroughly circulated through your home. Attics can be the hardest to keep cool, and the air in the attic tends to get stale and musty. This can be avoided with a whole house fan installation by our team at AC Electric.

A whole house fan system from Quiet Cool can help pull in the cool evening air during the summer and move it through every room of your home, even the attic. Fresh, cool air from the outside of your home is used to provide a cooling relief to the inside, which can ultimately give your HVAC system a break. Quiet Cool systems are increasing in popularity, and it is easy to see why.

Small, Cost Friendly Ways to Cool Your Home

There are small, cost friendly things that you can do around your home to help keep it cool. One way is to keep your shades or curtains drawn during the daylight hours. This will help prevent the sun from coming in and raising the overall temperature of your home. You can also double check the seals on your windows and doors to ensure that no cool air is escaping into the outdoors.

You would be amazed how big of a difference these little things can make in your cooling bills during the hot summer months. To make the biggest difference in your cooling bills, consider a Quiet Cool system from our team at AC Electric. The Quiet Cool systems work by operating only in the evening hours to pull in cool air from the outside and distribute it evenly throughout your home.

Pulling in Cool Air from the Outside

Sometimes, HVAC systems do not evenly cool your home, but a Quiet Cool whole house fan can distribute and circulate air in all areas of your house; even your attic will be supplied with fresh, cool air. Your home can experience a thirty degree difference using a Quiet Cool system in addition to your HVAC system. Quiet Cool systems do not rack up your electric bills either, because they draw in the cool air from the outside. In fact, installation of these systems can help you eventually lower your cooling costs during the summer. Instead of being sweaty and sticky this summer, invest in a whole house fan installation so that you can be relaxing in the cool, crisp air instead.

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Our team at AC Electric can help you install a Quiet Cool system to stay cool during the summer months. Our team has extensive experience dealing with Quiet Cool systems, and will provide you with the best customer service and care. We can help you cool the most commonly used rooms in your home as well as places you don’t normally spend time, like the attic.

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